🚨 👀🌪️ There has been a Tornado WARNING alert for Oakmont.

Definition from The Weather Channel:
TORNADO WARNING: This is issued when a tornado is indicated by the WSR-88D radar or sighted by spotters; therefore, people in the affected area should seek safe shelter immediately. They can be issued without a Tornado Watch being already in effect. They are usually issued for a duration of around 30 minutes.

📢📢📢 FYI: 🚨🚨🚨
When severe weather, flooding emergencies, or any life threatening event that would require an emergency notification in Oakmont, the community alert sirens at Tenth Street and Virginia Avenue will activate. The sirens will cycle as a steady wail for 7 minutes, pause and then perform another 7 minute wail. This will be your indication that all residents should move inside or seek shelter. Once inside, you should check local media sites such as the national weather service or local news channels to get more information.

Stay informed:

Image: Image courtesy of WBOY News.
Watch vs. warning simplified: https://www.wboy.com/weather/watch-vs-warning-whats-the-difference/

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