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Kerr Museum Board

Committed to the community throughout their lives, Dr. Kerr provided medical care as a family physician and his daughter Virginia taught English in the Oakmont public schools for 42 years.  Virginia Kerr never married and lived in the family home until her death in 1994.  Virginia bequeathed her home to the Borough of Oakmont to be used in memory of her father.  The Kerr Memorial Museum brings life to the middle-class experience at the dawn of the twentieth century.

In 1998, the Borough Council, by Ordinance, created the “Dr. Thomas Robinson Kerr Memorial Museum Board” to maintain, operate and supervise the property and the tangible property for the purpose of public exhibition and preservation as a historic home and as a museum.

Impacted the most by Covid-19, Kerr museum has been closed to the public since March and all the in-person fundraising events on behalf of the museum were cancelled. 

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