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Shade Tree Commission

The Oakmont Shade Tree Commission annually contracts a tree service to complete routine tree care for the borough owned trees within the public right of way. These tasks include tree removal, tree pruning and stump removal and they are only completed during the winter months. (emergencies are handled differently). If you would like to bring more prompt attention to a vacant site, then please submit a Tree Service Request Form and email it to the Shade Tree Commission at OakmontSTC@oakmontborough.com. To have work completed during winter, please submit requests no later than October 1st. 

The Shade Tree Commission also annually plants trees to replace removals and fill vacant sites. If you would like to be considered sooner for an upcoming planting, please let us know.  All newly planted trees are chosen by professional urban foresters according to industry standard best management practices for compatibility with above and below ground utilities.  All tree species are selected that are respectful of adjacent hardscape and infrastructure, including sidewalks.