Borough Tree Information

The Borough of Oakmont provides tree maintenance service for trees located along the streets in Borough right-of-way, usually between the sidewalk and the curb. Trees located on private property do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Borough of Oakmont. Section 2720.2 of the Pennsylvania Borough Code requires the abutting property owners to share, at least in part, with removal costs for Borough Trees. Pruning and maintenance costs are assumed entirely by the Borough.


The Borough of Oakmont will only remove trees if they are diseased, dying or dead, or if they pose a threat to public health and safety. If the tree in question falls under these circumstances, property owners can either call the Borough Office at 412-828-3232, or submit a removal request by completing the form (Tree Service Request Form) and submitting it to the Borough Office. Please note: Only emergency situations will be handled directly via phone call, all non-emergency requests should be submitted in writing by completing the Tree Service Request Form and either mailing it or dropping it off at the Borough office. You can email your form directly to the Oakmont Shade Tree Commission at

Upon inspection, a Shade Tree Commission Member will contact you to discuss their findings. If the Shade Tree Commission agrees the tree should be removed, the tree will be placed on a removal list and removed by the Borough. The property owner will be responsible for one-half the total cost of removal, not to exceed $250.00.


If you notice a Borough Tree near your property that needs to be trimmed, or appears to pose a safety hazard, please use this form to report the problem and submit to the Borough Office. (Tree Service Request Form)
Tree trimming requests will be responded to within 10 working days by the Shade Tree Commission. If pruning is necessary, the tree will be placed on a pruning list, unless it is an immediate danger and safety risk. If you feel the tree is an immediate danger contact the Borough Office at (412) 828-3232.


A property owner can request that a Borough Tree be planted in front of their house. After the Borough Office receives your written request, a Shade Tree Commission member will inspect the location to determine whether it is an appropriate and safe location for a tree to be planted. The Shade Tree member will discuss with you which species of tree is best suited for the location. After the site inspection is done, an Inspection Request form will be turned into the Borough Office for our records. The location is then placed on a planting list. Residents, themselves, are not permitted to plant, prune or remove trees in Borough right-of-way without the approval of the Shade Tree Commission. If approved, the Resident is responsible for all costs.


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