Oakmont History

In 1889 Oakmont was incorporated from the second ward of the Borough of Verona with 1,600 residents, a dozen stores and four sizable industries: Allegheny Valley Railroad, Dexter Spring Company, Verona Tool Works and the Agnew Glass Company. In 2014 Oakmont proudly celebrated 125 years of incorporation as a borough.

Oakmont Borough is 1.57 square miles of small hills and wooded areas 14 miles, located northeast of the City of Pittsburgh in Southwestern Pennsylvania, nestled near Plum Creek and along the Allegheny River. As of the 2020 Census, the Borough has a population of 6,749. Oakmont is governed by a Council of 7 elected volunteer community leaders who employ a Manager. The elected volunteer Mayor is in charge of the police department and works with an appointed Chief of Police, police officers and the Oakmont Volunteer Fire Department.

The Oakmont Borough Office has Centennial Books for sale. The book takes a look back at the history of Oakmont beginning in 1889 to 1989.  The hard back books are available for $10.00 per book.  The money from the sale of the books goes towards the 2089 Oakmont Borough Bi-Centennial Fund, held in the reserve fund by the Borough.  The books are the perfect gift for anyone who loves Oakmont and history!