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Oakmont, PA 15139
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Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

FAQ Page Questions


1. How do I rent a pavilion?

Please email our frontdesk@oakmontborough.com or call 412-828-3232 to discuss available dates.
The “Stoner Family Pavilion” is located in front of the Children’s Playground. The “Rotary Pavilion” is located closer to the School. 

2. How can I obtain a new recycling or yard waste container?

Recycling and Yard Waste Bins are available for purchase through the Borough Office. The cost is $50.00 for a Yard Waste Bin and $64.64 for a Recycling Bin. Checks and Cash are gladly accepted (exact change, please.). Your new bin delivered to your home usually within one or two business days.

3. How do I request a Municipal Lien Letter?

These requests are normally sent to the Borough by the Closing or Settlement Company. All requests must include:
Property Address
Present Owner Names
Block & Lot Number/Parcel Number
Closing Date
$35.00 Check for the processing, an additional $40.00 for Rush

Also, please note how you would like to have your Lien Letter sent. If you request via US Postal Service, you must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. We do require that Both Parties (Present Owner and Proposed Owner) fill out the Certificate of Ownership and Use Form. If you have any questions, please contact Jill Springer at admin.assistant@oakmontborough.com or at 412-828-3232.  These are available via the link below. We MUST have the original notarized copies at our office. All documents and requests must be in within 5 days of closing before an additional $40.00 Rush fee will be charged. https://oakmontborough.com/forms/

4. My Borough Shade Tree needs pruned or is damaged, who do I contact?

We ask that all Tree Requests are submitted in writing. All requests will be forwarded to our Shade Tree Commission for review and follow-up. If it is an emergency, please contact the Borough Office for assistance. Brian Crooks, Chair of the Shade Tree Commission will be happy to assist you with questions or concerns and can be reached via email at OakmontSTC@oakmontborough.com

5. My trash or recycling was not picked up, who do I contact?

Contact: County Hauling 724-929-7694 Extension: 2  

Email at: info@countyhauling.com

6. How do I file a complaint?

All complaints must be submitted in writing. Once received in the Borough Office they will be reviewed and handled by the proper department. Provide contact information on the form. We will not share your information with whom the complaint is against, but we need to be able to reach you with any further information we may need to assist you. We cannot act on anonymous complaints.

7. I have questions about a Tax Bill, who do I call?

Pennsylvania Municipal Service (PaMS) 412-826-0300
Keystone Collections – 724-978-0300

8. I just moved to Oakmont, who do I contact for utilities?

Oakmont Water Authority – 412-828-7220
Duquesne Light – 412-393-7100
Peoples Gas – 1-866-566-6001
Pennsylvania Municipal (Sewage and Garbage) – 412-828-0101

1. When does leaf pick-up begin and end?

Leaf pick-up normally begins in Mid-October once the leaves begin to fall. The last pick-up is dependent on the amount of leaves that have fallen .  This will be decided and will be announced when the time comes.

2. What are the regulations for leaf pick-up?

Once leaf collections starts in Mid-October, we ask that you rake your leaves to the curb and NOT into the street. If your leaves are in the street this will cause problems with the storm drains. Our Street Crew has a grid that they follow and will make it to your street. We will make you aware of the last week for pick-up once leaves are picked up for the season, it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove any additional yard debris.

The leaf truck will NOT pick up sticks, limbs or any other yard waste besides leaves.  Please be sure to remove those other items and place them in your bin or bag them for pick-up by the trash company on the correct week.

3. My leaves have not been picked up, who do I contact?

Our Street Crew will ensure that each street is picked up for the season. If you feel that your leaves have not been picked up you can call the Borough office and let us know. We will put you on a list and make the crew aware.

1. How do I obtain a Building Permit?

Building Permit Applications can be found by clicking the link below. Once filled out, please submit them to the Borough Office, they will then be picked up by BIU and processed. If they have any questions, they will contact you. Once approved, they will be processed back into the Borough Office and you will be contacted for pick-up and cost.

2. I have questions about an Inspection, who do I call?

Code Enforcement Agency issues all of our Permits. If you have questions, they can be reached at 412-766-2565

If you have picked up your Permit and have questions or need to schedule inspections please contact BIU. All information will be inside the information packet with you Permit Placard.

1. How do I obtain a Solicitors Permit?

Please contact the Police Department. The NON-Emergency Number is 412-826-1578

2. What is the Non-emergency Number for the Police?

Non-Emergency calls and questions for the Police Department: 412-826-1578
If you have an emergency….Call 911

3. How to I obtain a copy of a Police Report?

Contact the Police Department at 412-826-1578

4. How do I pay my ticket or citation?

You can pay your ticket in person at the Police Department located at 769 Fifth Street or if it is after hours you can drop off your ticket in the drop box located on the front of the Police Station. The Borough Office cannot accept your ticket payments.

5. There is a deceased Deer on the road, who can I call?
Contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission at 724-238-9523

Oakmont Borough will not collect trapped or live raccoons, birds or any other animals.