Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is more than just a document disclosing Oakmont’s past and present land use trends. It also shows a proposed course of action for the next decade. A comprehensive plan is one of the most vital tools for our community to effectively realize our best vision our future.

The Borough’s Comprehensive Plan exists to support Oakmont’s long-range planning, development, and revitalization vision. It establishes goals to guide decisions on funding, community character, commerce, infrastructure, and quality of life.

The Comprehensive Plan creates a blueprint for our land use patterns of tomorrow. By thinking about how Oakmont changed in the past can help predict what changes might be in store for our future. When this type of thinking translates into action, it needs to be done in an orderly fashion and made part of a routine administrative process. If we do not plan for our future, then the community where we work, live and play may ultimately fail to adapt to change and miss opportunities.

Latest Information

Oakmont Comprehensive Plan 2021 (PDF)