💬 inFOURm: A brief recap to update citizens on PARTS of the most recent Oakmont Borough Council meeting. Its intent is that it takes approximately 4 minutes to read. It’s NOT a true substitution for attending/streaming the entire meeting or reading the approved, official minutes*.

👍 inFOURm was created from Oakmont Borough Council’s commitment to enhancing communication and transparency.

*NOTE: Minutes typically are reviewed at the following work session and the approved at the next meeting. Expect approximately a month delay from a meeting before minutes are posted.

💻 To view this in a bigger size, it is recommended to check it out on our borough website in our blog’s stream on the main page: www.oakmontborough.com

For full social media post, click here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=340789255680874&set=a.126382210454914&type=3