Riverside Park Pavilion Rental Information

Pavilions at Riverside Park are available for rent April 1st – October 31st from dawn to dusk. The renter must be 21 years of age and must be present during the rental. Payments are accepted by check or cash only. All cancellations including cancellations due to inclement weather are non-refundable. Groups larger than 60 people may need another pavilion. You can send requests to frontdesk@oakmontborough.com.  We can then check availability and begin the booking process.  Dates will not be held and we must receive payment and deposit within 1 week of booking the date.  If no payment is received your date will be forfeited and can be rescheduled.

Scheduling for Oakmont Residents begins on The first business day of February and all Non-residents can begin reservations 2 weeks after.  

If patrons leave the facility clean and meet the conditions stipulated, their complete cleaning deposit will be returned. If guidelines are not followed, or if a group does not clean the pavilion, all of the cleaning deposit will be retained to help cover the cost of additional cleaning.

Stoner Pavilion – Sits in front of the playground

Rotary Pavilion – Sits closer to the school


Cleanup After Reservation

Groups are responsible for basic clean-up of the pavilion and the immediate area around the pavilion. Groups should remove all decorations, including tape, streamers, bug catchers, and clean-up all of the garbage. Avoid over filling garbage cans as there should be an adequate number in the area to utilize. Tables may not be removed from the pavilion. Please return tables to the original position if they are re-arranged.

Park Employees will check facilities following rentals, and report any problems with clean-up or destroyed property to the Borough Manager.


Charcoal grills are available at both pavilions for enjoyment. User must provide grilling supplies and charcoal. Grills must be extinguished before leaving the park.

Park Amenities

Riverside Park has a variety of amenities including a playground, tennis court, splash pad, track, and ball field. These amenities may not be reserved, but are available on a first come first serve basis to all park patrons. The deck hockey rink and ball fields are used by various teams for league games and practices. If the field has been prepared for games, all park patrons are asked to stay off.

Both Pavilions do have electricity. However, there is no water supply in the pavilions. Restrooms are in the park on the opposite side of the track. Both pavilions are the same size and run parallel to the river.

If you’ve never been to Riverside Park, and are unable to visit the park beforehand, we advise you to look at the aerial image of the park supplied by google maps here: Riverside Park Aerial View 


The rear parking lot of Riverview High School is closest to the pavilions, but you may also use the 2nd and 3rd Street entrances. Please be advised that all supplies must be unloaded and carried from your vehicle in the parking lot and carried to the pavilion. For the safety of adults and children, no vehicles are permitted in the park.

  • Alcohol Consumption is prohibited
  • No Dogs or other animals are permitted in Riverside Park.
  • Vehicle, including bikes are not permitted on the track
  • No fireworks are permitted in park
  • Loud music is prohibited.
  • Jumping bubbles, ball pits, portable play areas or piñatas are prohibited.
  • No portable tents, nets or canopies allowed.