I had hoped my first Manager’s Blog for the recently updated Borough website would have been a less serious topic than EMS service to the residents and business community of the Borough, but here we are.

I am certain by now you have read the article in the Valley News Dispatch and may have even seen the news story on local TV as well. Lower Valley Ambulance Service (LVAS) located in Cheswick—the EMS agency that responds to medical emergencies in Oakmont—is in a fiscal crisis. This writing is not to discuss the details of LVAS’s fiscal situation; those details will arise in the weeks ahead.

Rather, I am writing to reassure Oakmont residents that EMS services will continue to respond into the Borough when necessary. Never hesitate to call 911 if you need medical assistance. I recently contacted representatives of both Plum Boro EMS and Parkview (O’Hara Township) EMS. Both entities provide mutual aid support to LVAS. Both agencies reinforced with me that they will continue to assist LVAS in the weeks and months ahead. Meaning, like now, if LVAS cannot respond to Oakmont for a dispatch for medical assistance, regardless of the reason, either Plum EMS or Parkview EMS will assist LVAS and respond to the Borough.

That means there are at least one of three possible EMS agencies that respond to Oakmont when needed.

I did share this information and more with Borough Council during the December Work Session if you wish to view my report on the Borough’s YouTube channel.

Oakmont expects information from LVAS very soon on how they envision eliminating their fiscal crisis. No matter what the LVAS plan entails, the Borough must make certain medical assistance for our residents and the business community is provided at a level that meets our expectations.

Protecting people and property is not limited to just providing the best Police Department and Volunteer Fire Department we can for Oakmont. It also includes providing the best EMS service as well.

Look here for future updates.