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Beginning today, the Borough of Oakmont will collect Christmas trees for the munch bunch that was in Oakmont over the summer. Christmas trees are another favorite treat for goats, as the trees have properties that boost a healthy digestive system. The goats will consume the pine needles and the tree bark. After the trees are stripped, they will be chipped, and used as mulch, which is a fast way to replenish nutrients back to the earth. So, bring your Concolor Fir, Fraser, or Blue Spruce to the dead-end of Ann Street, and our goat friends will pick up the trees. Please ensure that trees are free of tinsel and ornaments and haven’t been treated with chemicals to enhance the color. We will not accept any wreaths or garland because they contain wires. 

Collection Site: 3 Ann Street

Dates: December 27, 2023, to January 12, 2024 

Read the flyer.