The {Boulevard Project} Board shall plan and supervise, in conjunction with other boards of the borough and Borough Council, the continued beautification and landscaping maintenance of designated public areas owned or controlled by the borough within its limits.”*

*Oakmont Borough Code, Chapter 10, Section § 10-5, Powers and Duties

Exciting times are coming to Allegheny River Boulevard! As you may have read during their annual letter to the residents, the Oakmont Boulevard Project Board, after many years of grant application submissions and with additional help from the Borough in 2021, finally obtained all the funding needed to replace ALL the existing decorative streetlights along Allegheny River Boulevard (ARB). As many noticed, over time the challenge to maintain the gas-fueled streetlights grew as it was becoming difficult to obtain the necessary replacement parts to keep them in proper operation. In their place, from College Avenue to Hulton Road, forty-nine (49) new electric LED streetlights will be installed. This link leads to a photo of the new lights.

The streetlight replacement project begins January 3.

Expect some inconveniences including traffic and parking restrictions on the southbound side of ARB throughout the project during construction hours (7:00 AM-4:00 PM). In general, northbound ARB traffic and parking will NOT be affected.

The Borough will notify businesses within construction zones as early as possible and use our text alert system, Instagram and Nextdoor Oakmont to keep the residents updated as the project moves north along ARB. The first phase of construction work will occur between College and Washington Avenues.

The Contractor, Allegheny City Electric, Inc., will start at College Avenue and install underground wiring to feed electricity to the new lights. Installing the underground wiring will take several months to complete.

The new LED streetlights are being supplied by American Gas Lamps headquartered in New Kensington, PA. The new LED streetlights are on order, and we anticipate the first delivery in early April.

I understand the parking and traffic restrictions will be somewhat of an inconvenience. I ask for your patience and understanding while the project is happening.