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The Goats Are Coming to Oakmont


As part of the Borough of Oakmont’s sustainability efforts, administrators are pleased to announce the use of goats to clear brush and overgrown vegetation along river banks, steep hills, and other hard to reach areas, instead of using harsh chemicals that could potentially get into the water system.

Goats are able to clear, one acre of vegetation, per week. They love poison ivy, knotweed, and other noxious plants. The goats eat weeds and other vegetation as if they were eating from a salad bar. They eat a little bit of one type of plant, then they eat a little of another, until they clear the entire area of unwanted vegetation. The goats have names and personalities. Some goats formed friendships with other goats in the herd, and prefer to work in groups with their ”goat friends”. They even have a goat, that is a team leader, to keep the group in line.

The goats will arrive in Oakmont at the end of May 2022. The Borough kindly requests that the public let the goats do their job, and do not attempt to pet them, feed them, or disturb them while they are working. For more information, please contact Phyllis J. Anderson, Assistant Borough Manager, at 412-828-3232, or email assistant@oakmontborough.com.