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Public Works

Oakmont Borough has three different departments that fall under the “Public Works” category. 

Parks Department:

The Parks Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of all of the Borough Parks, Trails and playgrounds.   

Street Department:

The Street Department consists of a full-time crew of three.  Street maintenance consists of pothole repairs, storm sewer and catch basin maintenance, leaf removal, snow and ice removal as well as a number of projects.

Street Sweeping: Street Sweeping begins in the Spring and goes well into the late fall depending on the weather.

Leaf Removal:  Begins in Mid-October and runs until Mid December.  Please be sure to place leaves at the curb and not in the street. 

LINK: Oakmont Borough Leaf Collection

Snow and Ice Removal:  Our Street Crew will be dispatched any day or anytime 24hours a day if needed to clear the borough streets. Please remember, if inclement  weather is due, please park in your driveway if you have one.  Please do not shovel snow into the street, it should be shoveled to the area between the curb and the sidewalk.

Storm Damage:  If there is storm damage caused by strong winds, the Oakmont Borough Street Crew will pick up any broken limbs that have been placed between the curb and the sidewalk for 24 hours after the storm has passed.  They will not pick up brush or limbs that have been trimmed from privately owned trees or shrubs.

Pothole Reporting: If you need to report a pothole, please Click on the link and print the form.  These can be submitted to the Borough via email or fax: Fax – 412-828-3479 or email them to admin.assistant@oakmontborough.com  

LINK:  Pothole Reporting Form 

Waste Water Treatment Plant:

Our Waste Water Treatment Plant manages and maintains all of the Sanitary Sewers and the Treatment Plant itself.  Please remember if you are building or are in need of  sewer line repairs to your home or business please contact Call 811 before you dig.

LINK: call 811

As always, Oakmont Borough Departments are always here to help.  Please contact the Borough Office if you have any questions or concerns.  412-828-3232 or use the “Contact Us” on the home page of the website.

Oakmont Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant