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Invasive Species Notice – Spotted Lanternfly

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF), Lycorma delicatula, is an invasive insect first discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014.  Recently, the planthoppers have been found in Allegheny County which has led to the county being placed in the quarantine zone to control the spread of this invasive species.

The spotted lanternfly’s eating habits can be detrimental to native fauna, such as grapevines, maple trees, black walnut, birch, and willow.  The quality-of-life for residents in infested areas can potentially be impacted due to the increased presence of wasps, bees, and sooty mold due to the spotted lanternfly’s feeding activities. 

Prior to travel or transferring of any items outside of the quarantine area, be sure to inspect and remove all eggs, larvae, and mature specimens of the spotted lanternfly from items.  Please see checklists in the link below to identify all maturity stages of spotted lanternflies and items to check before leaving quarantine areas.

Spotted Lanternfly Information and Checklists (PDF)