The Borough of Oakmont has specific laws governing short-term rentals, which are as follows:

  1. Short-term rentals are permitted as an accessory use within the Residential, and Mixed-Use Zoning Districts.
  2. The dwelling must be the permanent address of the owner or lessee and the owner or lessee must occupy the dwelling for at least six months of the calendar year. The owner or lessee shall register as a short-term rental with the Borough of Oakmont.
  3. An owner or lessee of the dwelling may provide short-term rentals up to six times in one calendar year, whereas the maximum total number of days short-term rental activity shall be permitted to occur per dwelling unit shall not exceed 30 calendar days in one calendar year.
  4. The short-term rental shall not permit more than two persons to occupy one bed.
  5. If the short-term rental pertains specifically to couches, the short-term rental shall not permit more than one house guest to occupy one couch. Additionally, if the short- term rental does not offer private sleeping quarters, then the house guests shall be limited to one per dwelling at a time.
  6. All activity at the short-term rental shall be subject to enforcement of the Borough’s noise, nuisance, and property maintenance-related ordinances.
  7. Any noise caused by the house guests that disturbs the neighboring dwellings shall not be permitted, and if the house guest(s) is convicted for any disturbance(s) of the peace, the house owner or lessee shall not be permitted to continue to offer short- term rentals.
  8. Within the context of short-term rentals, a meeting room shall refer to the location within the dwelling unit where people gather for personal and/or professional purposes.
  9. The short-term rental shall provide parking in accordance with a Multifamily, apartment dwelling. All house guest parking exceeding one space shall be private off- street parking.

For more information regarding short-term rentals, please contact Phyllis J. Anderson, Assistant Borough Manager, at 412-828-3232 or email