Non-Motorized Bikes:

Allowed in park after 3 PM on weekdays and all day on Weekends and National Holidays. Bikers must:

      1. Yield to all other trail users
      2. Wear helmets
      3. Ride in control and within their ability level
      4. Not ride on closed or muddy trails
      5. not build unauthorized trails

Off-Leash Dogs:

The park will be split in two zones for off-leash trial, a North Side and Couth Side.  In the morning, the North Side will be Off-Leash and the South Side will be Off-Leash (on leash will be opposite).  Off-Leash owners must:

      1. Abide by Off-Leash areas and hours
      2. Keep their dogs ON LEASH within 100 yards of the Dark Hollow Woods Parking Lot
      3. Keep their dogs under control at all times
      4. Not preside over more than two (2) Off-Leash dogs per handler
      5. Pick-up and properly dispose of their dogs waste (there is a trash can in the parking lot)