Oakmont Borough’s Leaf Season is quickly approaching. 


Leaf Pickup Begins Monday October 17, 2022


A few reminders about putting your leaves out for pick-up:

  1. Please rake leaves to the curb and not into the street. The placement of leaves in the  street is a safety hazard, it blocks parking, and can clog storm drains.
  2. Vehicles blocking access to leaves will result in leaves not being picked up.
  3. Remove any large branches from leaf piles and put them into yard waste bins.
  4. Yard waste will be collected until December 28, 2022, by County Hauling. As a reminder, do not overfill or pack leaves into your bin, this may cause damage to the trucks and the bins.
  5. If leaves are not out at the curb when the leaf truck comes through, you will have to wait until the next pick-up.
  6. The leaf collection crew cannot be dispatched nor is there an exact time or day when leaves will be collected. Leaf collection is determined by the amount of leaves collected, weather conditions, and other factors.

The leaf crew strives to make sure that all leaves are picked up by the end of the season.