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Boards and Commissions

Volunteer for Board or Commission

Boulevard Project
Joanne Anderson, Chair

Patricia Friday, Vice Chair

Michael Ehrlich

Sharon F. Ehrlich

Andrew L. Lasser

Jason McConnell

Douglas E. Myers

Amy Reiss

Christopher Stolish

Civil Service Commission
Les Leasure - Chair

William G. Miller - Vice Chair

Robert Springer - Secretary

Matt Provenza, Alternate

Kerr Museum Board     Back to Top
Jan Shoop, Chair

Joan Stewart, Vice Chair

Jane Foster , Treasurer

Kaaren L. Amodeo

Adeline Brown

Herman R. Marini, III

Joan Stewart

Diana Thompson

Library Board     Back to Top
Deborah L. Ormay, Chair

Katie Lascola, Secretary

Leonard B. Richards, Treasurer

Joanne Brownlee

Matthew Kissane

Katie Lascola

Lindsay Osterhout

Laurie Sliben

Municipal Authority Board     Back to Top
Henry Buechli, Jr., Chair

William B. Anderson, Vice Chair

Gregory R. Schultz, Second Vice Chair

Frank J. Almendinger, Secretary

Kenneth J. Anthony, Treasurer

Planning Commission     Back to Top
Joseph R. DiMario, Chair

Jeffrey W. Kline, Vice Chair

Charles M. Means, Esq., Solicitor

Steve Espisito

James M. Joyce

Louis D. Rocchini

Property Maintenance Board of Appeals     Back to Top
Anthony Moret

Larry W. Forbes

Fred A. Cappuccio (Alternate)

Recreation Board     Back to Top
Molly Dinnin-Merlino, Treasurer

Anthony Lascola

Jeremy Powers

Regina Vitti-Lyons

Doug Meyers

Mary Ann Provenza

Molly Walsh

Bill Tomlinson

Shade Tree Commission     Back to Top
Jonathan Dreher, Chair

Paul Cammissa

Mark A. Harley, Sr.

Nancy Kline

Nicholas Kokales

Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals     Back to Top
Anthony Moret

Larry W. Forbes

Fred A. Cappuccio (Alternate)

Zoning Hearing Board
Joseph L. Luciana, III

Owen F. Slagle, III

Alan T. Shuckrow, Esq., Solicitor

Charles C. Fisher

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