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Snow Manners

Whenever we get a heavy dose of snow over several weeks, as we have recently, the Borough begins to receive calls from residents about the snow plows repeatedly blocking in their driveways with snow. Perhaps if we explain...the snow plows would have to lift their plows each time they encountered a driveway in order for snow to not pile up in front of a driveway. This also puts an additional strain on the truck's engine. When you think of how many driveways there are on any given street, you can see that snow removal would never get done in a timely manner this way.

It is certainly tedious to have to dig out after the snow plow has passed, but this problem usually only occurs when there is a great amount of snow. So, we ask for your patience with this aggravation, and hope you will chock it up to your exercise for the day.

We would also like to request that you, or your snow removal service, not shovel snow on to the street, if possible. This just compounds the problem of where to put all the snow. Shoveling snow back on to your property keeps a blanket over your lawn and shrubs that helps prevent wind burn and contributes to soil moisture when the snow melts.

When we get snows like we've had over the last two months, both the Street Crew's and residents' resources and patience are taxed to the max. Hopefully, we can continue to work together to keep our streets as safe as possible, and...look forward to spring.

Hulton Bridge Project Website

For all information related to the Hulton Bridge replacement, please visit the project website at www.thehultonbridge.com.

Pre-Enactment Notice – Handicapped Parking

Borough Council will consider a new Ordinance regulating handicapped parking in the Borough at its March 9, 2015 Regular Meeting. To view the proposed Ordinance, click here.

Borough Recycling Collection

Borough residents are reminded to not park their vehicles in front of recycling carts at the curbside, or place their recycling carts near utility poles. Republic Services will not collect recycling carts blocked by vehicles.

Earned Income Tax Filing

Residents are reminded to file their annual local Earned Income Tax Return with Keystone Collections Group before April 15, 2015. Please be sure to read the Instructions before completing the form.

County Updates Open Burn Regulations

Residents are to be advised that revisions to Allegheny County's regulations on open burning will take effect on January 1, 2015. Among the revisions that will take effect are limits to the size of a wood fire, new setback requirements for outdoor fireplaces, and restrictions on what materials can be burned. For a more complete list of revisions to the County's Burning Ordinance, click here.

Adopted Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map

At the October 13, 2014 Regular Meeting of Oakmont Borough Council, a new Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map were adopted. Copies of the new Zoning Ordinance are available at the Borough Offices. The new Zoning Map can be viewed here.


– Oakmont residents should be advised that the Borough does not yet have a contract with Verizon to provide FIOS in our town. We have been told repeatedly by Verizon officials that “when they’re ready” they will send us a contract to sign for this service. The Borough of Oakmont is not responsible for our residents not being able to obtain FIOS from Verizon. The Borough of Oakmont has informed Verizon to Cease and Desist from claims that the Borough of Oakmont is preventing them from providing FIOS to its residents.

  • Monday, January 05
    7:00 PM Council Work Session
  • Monday, January 12
    7:00 PM Council Regular Meeting
  • Wednesday, January 14
    6:30 PM Library Board Meeting
  • Thursday, January 15
    7:00 PM Recreation Board Meeting
  • Monday, January 19
    7:00 PM Planning Commission Meeting
  • Tuesday, January 27
    7:15 PM Boulevard Project Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, January 28
    7:00 PM Zoning Hearing Board Meeting
  • Monday, February 02
    7:00 PM Council Work Session
  • Monday, February 09
    7:00 PM Council Regular Meeting

2015 Oakmont Chamber Events

Kennywood Picnic July 8th
Street Sale July 25th
Celebrate Oakmont October 7th
Halloween Hustle 5K October 24th
Christmas Parade November 21st
Oakmont’s Hometown Christmas November 21st
Holiday Gala December 5th

Oakmont...small town charm, big city choices!

In 1889 Oakmont was incorporated from the second ward of the Borough of Verona with 1,600 residents, a dozen stores and four sizable industries: Allegheny Valley Railroad, Dexter Spring Company, Verona Tool Works and the Agnew Glass Company. In 2014 Oakmont proudly celebrates 125 years of incorporation as a borough.

Oakmont is a borough of 1.57 square miles of small hills and wooded areas 14 miles northeast of the city of Pittsburgh in Southwestern Pennsylvania nestled near Plum Creek and along the Allegheny River. As of the 2010 Census, the borough has a population of 6,303. Oakmont is governed by a council of 7 elected volunteer community leaders who employ a manager and work collaboratively with an elected volunteer mayor and an appointed chief of police, police officers and a volunteer fire department. more

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